More questions? Please contact us at or call 212-242-2104.


How do I complete a Butter and Egg Road profile?
Profiles can be completed online here. The profile's purpose is to get a sense of your dining preferences and entertaining needs.

What happens once I complete a profile?
You will receive a username and password to be able to have full access to site and our services. You will also begin receiving monthly Butter and Egg Road Bulletins and access to purchase Butter and Egg Road club events.

Can I change my client password?
Clients cannot change their password, but can request a password reset. Password reset is accessed from the Log In page


How do I request a booking for a Restaurant, Private Dining or On The Road experience?
Booking requests can be made by completing a Request a Booking form or emailing

How far in advance do I have to make a booking?
Bookings must be made at least 72 hours in advance. For last minute requests, please contact or call 212-242-2104.

Is there minimum or maximum amount of guests per booking?
Restaurant and private dining experiences are best suited for parties between 10-25 guests.   On the road experiences are available to parties of 6 or less.  For requests outside this scope, please email or call 212-242-2104.

Is there a minimum budget per head for booking a Restaurant Dining Experience?
Yes, the minimum budget is $200/per head, not including Butter and Egg Road service fees.

What are Butter and Egg Road's service fees?
Butter and Egg Road charges a 20% service fee on all restaurant and private dining experiences.  There is a minimum fee of $500.  Fees include a personal Butter and Egg Road culinary concierge, concept & menu development, entertainment & guest speaker referrals and decor sourcing. On-site management can be requested at an additional fee.

The fee for our on the road experiences will vary based on request scope.  There is a minimum fee of $500 for program curation.

What is Butter and Egg Road's Restaurant & Private Dining Experience cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is outlined here.

Do I have to pay a deposit to confirm a booking?
All Butter and Egg Road restaurant and private dining experiences require a deposit to confirm a booking. Deposits vary depending on the time of booking and individual restaurant policies.


How do I find out about upcoming Butter and Egg Road Club Events?
Upcoming events are listed under our Events Calendar and promoted in monthly Butter and Egg Road Bulletins.

How can I purchase Butter and Egg Road Club Event tickets?
To purchase tickets, clients must visit our Events Calendar and click the detailed event page. Client log in is required. Tickets are on a first come, first served basis and must be purchased in advance.

How much are Butter and Egg Road Club Event tickets?
Club Event tickets vary by event and can range between $100-$200 a ticket.

Can I purchase Butter and Egg Road Club Event guest passes?
Clients are eligible to purchase one guest pass per event. For additional guest passes, please email

Do you have a refund policy?
Butter and Egg Road club event tickets are non-refundable. In the event a club event is canceled, all tickets will be reimbursed.

Are Butter and Egg Road Club Event tickets transferable?
Butter and Egg Road club event tickets are not transferable.