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Butter and Egg Road is a purveyor of creative culinary experiences. We curate bespoke events in restaurants and private venues for any group-dining occasion.

Tasked with hosting clients, celebrating a deal or planning a milestone birthday? Butter and Egg Road is the perfect tool to help you leverage your entertainment budget and set your dining engagements apart as something truly unique.

The Road's Story

Butter and Egg Rd is an actual road in the Muskokas, Canada. At the turn of the century, the road was home to 14 farms, serving as a social gathering spot for locals and cottagers to come together around great food.

Our company name was conceived with this spirit of community and culinary best at heart. Today, the original Muskoka road is home to one remaining farm, feeding the area with fresh fruit, vegetables and some of the finest Canadian maple syrup around!


At Butter and Egg Road, we curate events in restaurants and private venues, consult on special culinary projects and lead bespoke on the road experiences. Check out Our Services for more details.


Ivy often muses she was born without the “butter” thumb. She has never roasted a lamb, timed the perfect soufflé or even poached an egg. And while some scoff at her laughable lack of kitchen confidence, she often attributes this flaw as the positive force that has driven her to live a life in restaurants. Dedicated to experiencing the world’s best tables and seeking out the local gems of a city’s dining scene, Ivy dines out three meals a day, often with friends and bon vivant in tow.

Over the years, this love of restaurants and the culinary community grew into a deep appreciation for the intricate details that go into creating the ultimate dining experience. What first began as a passion for hosting elaborate dinner parties, later evolved into launching a private traveling supper club in 2012.

Now curating private dining experiences on behalf of Butter and Egg Road clients, Ivy looks forward to sharing her new brand of experiential dining with fellow gourmands.