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Butter and Egg Road is a private experiential dining club. Designed for the passionate gourmand and discerning executive, Butter and Egg Road is helping members reimagine their client and celebratory dinners and discover a new way to entertain, 'off the road'.

Curating intimate culinary events at chef-driven, of-the-moment restaurants, we treat members and their guests to one-night-only experiences, both on and off the plate.

The Road's Story

Butter and Egg Rd is a road in the Muskokas, Canada. At the turn of the century, the road was home to 14 farms, a social gathering spot for locals and cottagers to come together around great food.

Our company conceived its name based on this spirit of community and culinary best. Today, the original Muskoka road still stands as a social hub, its one remaining farm feeding the community with fresh fruit, vegetables and some of the finest Canadian maple syrup around!


Butter and Egg Road also curates programs in private venues, as well as hosts member-only club events. Check out Our Service for more details.


I was born without the “butter” thumb. I cannot roast a lamb or time the perfect soufflé. Ironically, I can barely crack an egg most of the time.

This admission can only attest to the fact that I’ve spent most of my life in restaurants. And while living outside the kitchen, I have come to relish not only discovering the local gems of a city’s dining scene, from the innovative, 20-course tasting menus to the pint-size ramen haunts, but also appreciating what distinguishes a truly outstanding culinary experience from just another delicious meal.

Over the years, I have come to master the art of dining well in some of the world’s best food cities. I look forward to sharing this passion, and future Butter and Egg Road tables, with fellow gourmands and members.

See you on the road!